Friday, June 21, 2013

CU Bundle #1 & Nature's Beauty Full Kit

Hello, Everyone!

Anyone want any CU products?  

For just $5, you can get $28 worth of CU stuff.

You can click to see them larger:

NATURE'S BEAUTY, only $3 (50% off):
Remember the "Nature's Beauty Mini-Kit"?  It was free during May?  I thought it was so cute that I decided to make a full kit out of it.  It includes the mini-kit in it, but it does not add to the cost.  It's included for free, but you can only get it by buying the full kit now...because I'm tricky that way.  (Actually, it's because I was on a time restraint, due to leaving for transplant, and didn't have time to create a separate product listing and previews for it, so I just stuck it all together!)

You can get the full kit here for only $3:

Here are some previews of it:
(Sorry I didn't have time to get photos in this preview!)

Most of those layouts are also included in a Quickpage Pack.  You can get the quickpage pack here:

If you like all of the above, you can get the Full Kit, Quickpage Pack, and an Alpha Pack, for only $5 (instead of $12 original pricing).  

You can get the bundle here:

And that is that!

For a quick update on us, we arrived in Cincinnati about two weeks ago.  It's me and Emma, as well as my baby and awesome niece (to help with the baby).  I've had to leave three of my children at home, as well as hubby.  We'll be here 4-6 months.  Emma needs a bone marrow transplant for those who might have missed it.

Emma has had a ton of testing done to make sure she's physically set up to do well for transplant.  She's had a GFR, CT scan, echocardiogram, EKG, bone marrow biopsy/aspiration, visit with ENT, endocrinologist, audiologist, hematologist, cardiologist...and I'm sure I'm missing some.  It's been BUSY!

Meanwhile, we miss our family very much. It's been a very emotional experience thus far (a mix of happy and sad).  There's a lot of life changing things going on right now.  Here we are FaceTiming (baby is missing from this snapshot):

We stayed in a hotel our first week.  Then we finally got a room at the Ronald McDonald House, so that is where we are now.  We'll be here until she's done with transplant.  We should be able to go home sometime in October at the earliest...quite possibly months later.  

Right now, the hardest part is the separation from family.  Knowing that my babies are missing me, and i can't give them a hug and tell them I'm right here.  Instead I have to give them FaceTime kisses and tell them how important they are to me.  My 2 year old turned 3 years old.  I missed being with her on her birthday!  Overall they are happy and doing good...just the momma arms really ache to hold them, especially when I see them crying.  

I keep wishing there was a way they could come, but even if they were here, Emma will be admitted to the hospital on June 28th, and I won't be leaving her side much at all for the next month or two.  So, I wouldn't be seeing them even if they were here.  But, once she is out, and once we are back at the Ronald McDonald House, I'd love for them to come and visit...even if they can't stay (though, I'm hoping eventually we'll figure out how!).

We were allowed to go to the zoo today (avoiding crowds and indoors).  We bought some nifty hats in their gift store.  Here we are hanging out together.  It was fun.  It's a nice final activity before transplant. 

You can follow us on our facebook page here:

Or our blog:

Take care,

Monday, June 3, 2013

Whoooo's There? (better link)

Thank you to everyone who has purchased this already.  We appreciate it.  Some have emailed that they haven't been able to find the link, so I thought I'd post it more obviously (sorry about that!):

Or for the quickpages:

Thank you!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Kit/Guesting at SBB

That's right!  I actually have a new kit.  Like, a real one.  One that I love and think you might love too!

But, before I share that with you, I have an important little story to share.

A lot of you know about my daughter, Emma.  For those of you who don't, our little Emma was born with a really rare genetic disorder, called Fanconi Anemia.  It causes bone marrow failure and different types of cancers.  Right now she's in severe bone marrow failure.  All three of her blood cell lines - white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets - are critically low.  That means we get to live paranoid of germs, careful of bleeding, and dealing with fatigue from lack of blood (transfusions when needed).  She doesn't have very much bone marrow in her bones, and the marrow she does have, it doesn't work very well and gets worse over time.

Since her illness is so rare, there are only a few hospitals in the USA that are considered expert in her type of needed bone marrow transplant.  (And while a transplant will extend her life, it doesn't cure her of her disease.  The cancer portion remains.)

We are leaving for her bone marrow transplant on Thursday - just FIVE MORE DAYS!  I'll be taking Emma, my baby, my younger sister, and going to Cincinnati, OH (about 15 hour drive away) for her bone marrow transplant.  We'll be there for 4-6 months.

My husband, and three middle children (ages 6, 4, 2) will have to stay behind while we go.  I can't hardly stand thinking about leaving them for so long!  My husband is planning to come a week after she has her chemo and will stay for about three weeks.  I have a couple sisters who will watch our other sweet babies during all this.

Emma had a "last wish" for her hair before we go, since she'll be losing all her hair from transplant (chemo). She told us she wanted rainbow hair.  It wasn't hard at all to agree to it, but it was a little harder to figure out how to do it.  A couple ladies at church offered their talent and time to color her hair for us, which was so kind of them!

This is the end result...

It turned out pretty amazing!

She's completely in love with it.  We are too.  We love seeing her smile over it.  They did an awesome job.

A few of the rest of us added streaks to our hair.  My 4 year old wanted her hair streaked purple.  Then I let Emma choose what colors for my hair.  She chose pink, purple, and blue for me.

Here I am with my five sweetlings.  It's a perfectly imperfect photo...hehe...  We can't go in the church, due to germs, but we often go any way - outside - which is where we were here.

Our insurance is covering things pretty good.  There will be additional expenses we hope we can afford.  The biggest thing is that my husband can't come for more than a few weeks during the 4-6 months.  His work will let him off whenever he wants, but he will only be paid for about 3 weeks, and then we'll have no income coming in if he takes more time off than that, which we can't afford.

He's looked into people donating their PTO for him, but it doesn't work that way at his job.  We've refinanced our house so that we have a couple house payments that we don't have to pay and can save towards it (and expenses related to transplant in general).

I've gotten back to designing to try to raise more money for unexpected expenses, but especially to help cover my husband being able to take more time off and being able to be there more with us.  A bone marrow transplant is not a pleasant process, and we know Emma needs her daddy there sometimes too!

It's what has led me to guest at Scrapbook-Bytes (where I used to sell when I had time to design) and would love for those of you who are still reading this to share with anyone else you think who might like this, if you don't mind!

(If you'd like to follow us on our transplant journey, I keep a FB Page on it, as well as another BLOG.)

So, that's the story and need behind this.  Now, to the kit...

It's called Whoooo's There? for only $3 (50% off).  There are 14 unique papers (39 papers total) and 28 unique elements (52 elements total).  It's a gender neutral kit.  It was drawn/created in Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

FULL KIT for $3

Elements: $1.50

A couple layouts...

Anyway, so there's that kit!  It'll be available at SBB through July.

On an ending note...if any of you have any desire to send letters to my little ones that have to stay home, so that they don't feel forgotten (the 4 yr old is struggling with feeling like people have forgotten her since Emma has gotten more attention lately), we would love it more than you know for them to be flooded with mail!

Tyler, Violet, Rhys
PO Box 1156
Anna, TX  75409

Thank you!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DST Blog Train

Greetings, Everyone!!

I was looking around on DST a couple weeks ago and saw that they are doing a little blog train.  Since it's been a couple years since I've been in the designing world, I thought a blog train would be a fun way to get more involved.  So, here's my contribution to the train:

PREVIEW (4 papers, 5 elements):

LAYOUTS:  I think it's always easier to see what a kit looks like when you see it in some layouts!  I made this first one using a template my real life friend made (Creativity by Crystal, but she is no longer designing).

I made this one of my baby...

no longer available for free (it's included in the full kit:

PattyB Scraps:

Graphics by Poka Dot:

GOT LOST? (full list here):

If you want to stay updated, you can subscribe via email (on the right side of the blog) and/or follow me on FB (I have started using it again!).

As for current work, I don't have very much out at all, but I have some products in the works.  I'll be guesting at a store for a couple months in June and July and will be releasing products then.  Until then, I have all my old work available in a hugely discounted bundle for only $10 (though, please note that while it's a huge steal of a price, it doesn't reflect my current style or skill level).

Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Kit $2

Hey Everyone!

I finished the little Easter Kit.  I think it's so cute.  Usually I use some commercial use items in my kits, here and there, but this is the first kit that was almost 100% me (only used one texture that wasn't mine, to add a realistic look to the papers).  It's really quite fun...and I think it's my new goal.

Also, I'm considering selling at a store or two again...we'll see what happens with that.


Get if for only $2 by using coupon code: EASTER2013

You can get it HERE.


11 Papers, jpg format, 12X12 inches, and 300 dpi for high quality printing
- 5 patterned papers
- 6 coordinating solid papers

60 Elements, all in png format, 300 dpi, and various sizes
- 6 whole chicks (one in each color)
- 6 whole eggs (one in each color w/different designs)
- 2 chicks cracking out of eggs w/shell on top and bottom
- 2 chicks sitting in a shell (not on head)
- 1 green foliage
- 6 flag notes (one in each color)
- 6 "chicken scratch note" notes cards (one in each color)
- 5 flowers w/grey pedals (center color, one in each remaining color)
- 6 flowers with white doodles (one in each color)
- 6 extracted ribbons (one in each color)
- 6 circle frames (one in each color)
- 1 doodle overlay for circle frames
- 6 square frames (one in each color)
- 1 doodle overlay for square frames

All products are for PERSONAL USE, S4H, S4O.

(In case you missed it, if you use coupon code EASTER2013, you can get it for $2 for a limited time.)

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! (freebie)

I hope you all had a great Easter, Passover, or whatever wonderful holiday you might celebrate!  It was storming outside, so we had an indoor Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  It was the first for our two youngest (first that they can remember), and there was much squealing and laughing.  SO CUTE!

Freebie QP (download links at the very end)

I have a quickpage freebie for those who might be interested.  It's one quickpage, but I have it with the "Happy Easter" writing on it, as well as without.  So, there's two quickpages, but they're basically the same.  I figure not everyone celebrates Easter, so there's the option of it without.

Here's a sample layout of it with my baby girl!  I personally love this kit.  I feel like I'm finally getting kits to come out the way I want them to.  :)  Illustrator is awesome.  If you're a designer and don't use it, I highly recommend learning.

Freebie Download Link:

I'm hoping the planets will align properly for the download links to work for everyone!  :)  If not, let me know.  If you're new here, you can subscribe to my blog (look for link on the right) and you'll be able to be kept up-to-date to enter new drawings in the future.

New download link:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

BLAST FROM THE PAST for only $10

I finally decided to try out to see how it will work for me to sell my kits via Etsy.  It works pretty nice!!  It makes it so that when you buy a kit from me through Etsy, will automatically send you the links within just a waiting on me to email them to you.  So nice!

So, I uploaded all my old kits, from over two years ago, and have them for sale as one giant bundle for only $10.  If you bought this last time, this is the same thing.  I just wanted to offer it for all the new folk around.

Details below.  You can buy it HERE.

"Blast from the Past" includes all my previous products from over two years ago when I worked as a designer, under the name of "teresabelle designs". I took a loooooong break (had too many little ones that needed my full focus!) and am just now getting back to designing.

This bundle does NOT include any of my current work. This was my closing BUY MY STORE sale, as teresabelle designs, so you may have already purchased it.

Instead of retiring many of these products, I decided to sell them in a hugely discounted bundle again. You'll get a wide variety of designs, and skill level, as I went from newbie to a more experienced designer. This is over a $100 worth of products that you can now get for a crazy low price of just $10. 

Part of the reason they are so discounted is that I would otherwise retire many of them, as I don't feel like they reflect my current skill level or design work. That being said, it's still a ton of good stuff and a fantastic deal!  You get it all for less than $1 per product.  Okay, now I have to figure it's a little less than $0.28 per product, which is a HUGE steal!!


- 36 separate products 
- More than 210 papers
- Over 530 elements
- More than 20 quickpages
- Templates
- Two CU products
- Plus more!


Advent of Summer Kit (17 papers, 40 elements)
Advent of Summer Quickpages (2 QP)
A Little Fall Kit (22 papers, 48 elements)
A Little Fall Quickpage (1 QP)
As Autumn Falls Kit (13 papers, 39 elements)
As Autumn Falls Quickpages (4 QP)
Baby Feet Template (1 template, 1 QP)
Bday Mini Kit (10 papers, 15 elements)
Chasing Butterflies Kit (16 papers, 44 elements)
CU Doodle Pack (7 doodles)
CU ribbons Pack (4 ribbons)
Cutie Patootie Kit (21 papers, 25 elements)
Cutie Patootie Quickpage (1 QP)
Emma Kit (17 papers, 37 elements)
Emma Quickpages (2 QP)
Everybody Kit (19 papers, 60 elements)
Everybody Mini Kit (4 papers, 4 elements)
Everybody Quickpages (4 QP)
Everybody Template (4 templates)
Everybody Glitter Style (5 glitters)
Everybody Stickers (27 stickers)
Everybody Alpha (numbers and alphabet)
Feel the Grunge (6 paper masks)
Green with Envy Kit (9 papers, 35 elements)
Green with Envy Quickpages (2 QP)
Just LION Around Kit (17 papers, 44 elements)
Just LION Around Quickpage (1QP)
Miracle Mini Kit (3 papers, 4 elements)
Shape Shifters (9 shape shifters)
Summertime Mini Kit (13 pages, 38 elements, 1 alpha)
Summertime Quickpage (1 QP)
Sweet Pea Kit (19 papers, 52 elements)
Sweet Pea Quickpages (4 QP)
Whisperings Kit (11 papers, 32 elements)
Whisperings Quickpages (4 QP)
Year of Memories Mini Kit (3 papers, 4 elements)


Papers are all 12x12 jpg, 300 dpi
Elements are all 300 dpi, png, various sizes

All products are PERSONAL USE, except two that may also be used as CU. 


I love for people to feel like they can use my products for what they need, so you'll find that you can likely do that with these. You can pretty much use it for whatever you want for PERSONAL use - whatever you need for YOU (not getting paid). Whether that's your blog, cards, personal books, etc. 

Freebies that you make are fine too, flattened product only. No giving away individual files, please.

If you want to do some things and want to get paid, you may use my products to create FLATTENED images for others, charging them for your time and talent in creating the product, but do not charge them for my products (as that would be a commercial use of the products). This can include layouts or cards, etc, and done on small scale. Please do not include pds files or individual files that allow someone else access to non-altered pieces of my work.

Credit not required, but I do appreciate it.


This TOU applies to small businesses (large business peeps, please contact me for a business license). There are two commercial use products in this bundle. 

You may use my CU products in any of your products that you are reselling. You may also use them to create freebies, but please do not give away as freebies as stand alone products (as in, don't take my CU product and give it away as-is. You must alter it and give it away in your kit or product). Credit is not required but is appreciated. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

some changes

Okay, so it's been kind of like five million years since I've updated my blog here.  Anyone remember me?  I almost don't remember me.  These little kidlets of mine have been keeping me busy.  But maybe one day soon I'll have time to finish some of these kits I've started (there's actually several of them that I need to spend a little time on to finish).

Today, I was looking through my blog, something I knew I needed to do for a while.  I realized how unorganized it has become, how confusing it must be for newcomers (where are you all coming from anyhow?), and how badly it needs some cleaning and organizing.  So, I decided to do that - to clean it up.

I went through and deleted a TON of old posts that are not relevant anymore - all my posts from the stores I worked at in the past that have dead links that don't work anymore.  I think it's just confusing to have all of that still up.  So, now I hardly have any posts on my blog, but at least it's not too confusing anymore.  I'm going to slowly be working my way through the free kit posts and will organize them a little bit better and repost them.

Apparently the theme of this blog entry is my desire to avoid confusion, but that doesn't apply to this next part, since I'm pretty sure this will cause a lot more confusion in the long run.  But I'm doing it anyway.

I don't like my design name.  It's just boring and...boring.  I chose it because I hadn't come up with anything else by the time I started selling at a couple stores and had to have something quick.  Then I was kind of stuck with it, but I never liked it very much (though I did like the little button and papers...).

I've gotten into photography lately and finally thought up a name.  Apparently it only takes me about 3.5 years to finally think up something.  Here's my new name and logo:

I'm sure half of you are wondering why I would choose that over my previous name, and I have no answer for you, except that I love it and it makes me smile.  I don't know why, but it does!  Kind of like how I love making homemade potato chips...actually I don't like making them, but I LOVE eating them.  It's the same happy feeling.

So, I'm going to be switching things around to say "owls and fireflies design" instead of "teresabelle designs".  I realize this may cause confusion with file names.  Since I have hundreds of files under my previous name, I don't have time to go in and change all of them (for when I put them up for sale again).  So, rest assured, if you see a file begin with "tbd" or "ofd" - they are both me.

On to other news...

For those of you who have followed along with us regarding our daughter Emma (sorry, removed those posts too!), she's moving along in her illness.  She was hospitalized this January, and her immune system (all cells lines) are in critical bone marrow failure ranges.  It looks like we've stretched our time out almost as far as we can, and we need to start looking into a bone marrow transplant.  I've started a Facebook page for her, it's public and anyone can join.  Or you can follow on our blog HERE.

I'm considering putting up some of my other kits for sale again in hopes of helping us prepare as well as we can financially for Emma's transplant.  She has Fanconi Anemia, and there's only three hospitals in the nation that specialize in her type of tranpslant.  So, I'll need to take her and be gone from home for several months.

I've had some people ask to buy my other kits, but I've never been sure how to do it without a store.  If you have any ideas, let me know!  I did look at Etsy and saw that has an automated service for digital products.  It looks kind of new!  I might try that.  I would sell through a store again (would be easiest!), but I really don't have the time to meet the requirements they need (can't make a kit a month or participate in their store collabs).

Anyway, I promise I'll get more kits up some day and will hopefully have some of my other kits, that haven't been available for a while, up for sale again.

I hope you are all doing well!  Thank you all for sticking around while I've been busy surviving every day with my five little ones and haven't been able to give this blog as much attention as I would have liked.  hehe.

Thanks everyone!