Friday, June 21, 2013

CU Bundle #1 & Nature's Beauty Full Kit

Hello, Everyone!

Anyone want any CU products?  

For just $5, you can get $28 worth of CU stuff.

You can click to see them larger:

NATURE'S BEAUTY, only $3 (50% off):
Remember the "Nature's Beauty Mini-Kit"?  It was free during May?  I thought it was so cute that I decided to make a full kit out of it.  It includes the mini-kit in it, but it does not add to the cost.  It's included for free, but you can only get it by buying the full kit now...because I'm tricky that way.  (Actually, it's because I was on a time restraint, due to leaving for transplant, and didn't have time to create a separate product listing and previews for it, so I just stuck it all together!)

You can get the full kit here for only $3:

Here are some previews of it:
(Sorry I didn't have time to get photos in this preview!)

Most of those layouts are also included in a Quickpage Pack.  You can get the quickpage pack here:

If you like all of the above, you can get the Full Kit, Quickpage Pack, and an Alpha Pack, for only $5 (instead of $12 original pricing).  

You can get the bundle here:

And that is that!

For a quick update on us, we arrived in Cincinnati about two weeks ago.  It's me and Emma, as well as my baby and awesome niece (to help with the baby).  I've had to leave three of my children at home, as well as hubby.  We'll be here 4-6 months.  Emma needs a bone marrow transplant for those who might have missed it.

Emma has had a ton of testing done to make sure she's physically set up to do well for transplant.  She's had a GFR, CT scan, echocardiogram, EKG, bone marrow biopsy/aspiration, visit with ENT, endocrinologist, audiologist, hematologist, cardiologist...and I'm sure I'm missing some.  It's been BUSY!

Meanwhile, we miss our family very much. It's been a very emotional experience thus far (a mix of happy and sad).  There's a lot of life changing things going on right now.  Here we are FaceTiming (baby is missing from this snapshot):

We stayed in a hotel our first week.  Then we finally got a room at the Ronald McDonald House, so that is where we are now.  We'll be here until she's done with transplant.  We should be able to go home sometime in October at the earliest...quite possibly months later.  

Right now, the hardest part is the separation from family.  Knowing that my babies are missing me, and i can't give them a hug and tell them I'm right here.  Instead I have to give them FaceTime kisses and tell them how important they are to me.  My 2 year old turned 3 years old.  I missed being with her on her birthday!  Overall they are happy and doing good...just the momma arms really ache to hold them, especially when I see them crying.  

I keep wishing there was a way they could come, but even if they were here, Emma will be admitted to the hospital on June 28th, and I won't be leaving her side much at all for the next month or two.  So, I wouldn't be seeing them even if they were here.  But, once she is out, and once we are back at the Ronald McDonald House, I'd love for them to come and visit...even if they can't stay (though, I'm hoping eventually we'll figure out how!).

We were allowed to go to the zoo today (avoiding crowds and indoors).  We bought some nifty hats in their gift store.  Here we are hanging out together.  It was fun.  It's a nice final activity before transplant. 

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