Monday, July 9, 2012

Freedom Kit (freebie)

(04/04/13)  I've been going back and redoing some of these kit previews and links.

Here's a freebie kit I made a while back (maybe a year ago - whatever the date is on this post).  The previous preview to this was embarrassingly horrible.  And, admittedly, it's really not the most fabulous kit out there.  hehe.  (I'm doing really good at selling my skills, aren't I?!)  It was part of the pathway to getting to where I am...and will hopefully end it's a good thing, right?  You can still make cute pages with it, despite what I'm saying!

Anyway, links are below for any who might want it.  :)  Totally free.

Download Links: 

Freedom Elements
Freedom Papers 1
Freedom Papers 2
Freedom Papers 3