Saturday, March 9, 2013

BLAST FROM THE PAST for only $10

I finally decided to try out to see how it will work for me to sell my kits via Etsy.  It works pretty nice!!  It makes it so that when you buy a kit from me through Etsy, will automatically send you the links within just a waiting on me to email them to you.  So nice!

So, I uploaded all my old kits, from over two years ago, and have them for sale as one giant bundle for only $10.  If you bought this last time, this is the same thing.  I just wanted to offer it for all the new folk around.

Details below.  You can buy it HERE.

"Blast from the Past" includes all my previous products from over two years ago when I worked as a designer, under the name of "teresabelle designs". I took a loooooong break (had too many little ones that needed my full focus!) and am just now getting back to designing.

This bundle does NOT include any of my current work. This was my closing BUY MY STORE sale, as teresabelle designs, so you may have already purchased it.

Instead of retiring many of these products, I decided to sell them in a hugely discounted bundle again. You'll get a wide variety of designs, and skill level, as I went from newbie to a more experienced designer. This is over a $100 worth of products that you can now get for a crazy low price of just $10. 

Part of the reason they are so discounted is that I would otherwise retire many of them, as I don't feel like they reflect my current skill level or design work. That being said, it's still a ton of good stuff and a fantastic deal!  You get it all for less than $1 per product.  Okay, now I have to figure it's a little less than $0.28 per product, which is a HUGE steal!!


- 36 separate products 
- More than 210 papers
- Over 530 elements
- More than 20 quickpages
- Templates
- Two CU products
- Plus more!


Advent of Summer Kit (17 papers, 40 elements)
Advent of Summer Quickpages (2 QP)
A Little Fall Kit (22 papers, 48 elements)
A Little Fall Quickpage (1 QP)
As Autumn Falls Kit (13 papers, 39 elements)
As Autumn Falls Quickpages (4 QP)
Baby Feet Template (1 template, 1 QP)
Bday Mini Kit (10 papers, 15 elements)
Chasing Butterflies Kit (16 papers, 44 elements)
CU Doodle Pack (7 doodles)
CU ribbons Pack (4 ribbons)
Cutie Patootie Kit (21 papers, 25 elements)
Cutie Patootie Quickpage (1 QP)
Emma Kit (17 papers, 37 elements)
Emma Quickpages (2 QP)
Everybody Kit (19 papers, 60 elements)
Everybody Mini Kit (4 papers, 4 elements)
Everybody Quickpages (4 QP)
Everybody Template (4 templates)
Everybody Glitter Style (5 glitters)
Everybody Stickers (27 stickers)
Everybody Alpha (numbers and alphabet)
Feel the Grunge (6 paper masks)
Green with Envy Kit (9 papers, 35 elements)
Green with Envy Quickpages (2 QP)
Just LION Around Kit (17 papers, 44 elements)
Just LION Around Quickpage (1QP)
Miracle Mini Kit (3 papers, 4 elements)
Shape Shifters (9 shape shifters)
Summertime Mini Kit (13 pages, 38 elements, 1 alpha)
Summertime Quickpage (1 QP)
Sweet Pea Kit (19 papers, 52 elements)
Sweet Pea Quickpages (4 QP)
Whisperings Kit (11 papers, 32 elements)
Whisperings Quickpages (4 QP)
Year of Memories Mini Kit (3 papers, 4 elements)


Papers are all 12x12 jpg, 300 dpi
Elements are all 300 dpi, png, various sizes

All products are PERSONAL USE, except two that may also be used as CU. 


I love for people to feel like they can use my products for what they need, so you'll find that you can likely do that with these. You can pretty much use it for whatever you want for PERSONAL use - whatever you need for YOU (not getting paid). Whether that's your blog, cards, personal books, etc. 

Freebies that you make are fine too, flattened product only. No giving away individual files, please.

If you want to do some things and want to get paid, you may use my products to create FLATTENED images for others, charging them for your time and talent in creating the product, but do not charge them for my products (as that would be a commercial use of the products). This can include layouts or cards, etc, and done on small scale. Please do not include pds files or individual files that allow someone else access to non-altered pieces of my work.

Credit not required, but I do appreciate it.


This TOU applies to small businesses (large business peeps, please contact me for a business license). There are two commercial use products in this bundle. 

You may use my CU products in any of your products that you are reselling. You may also use them to create freebies, but please do not give away as freebies as stand alone products (as in, don't take my CU product and give it away as-is. You must alter it and give it away in your kit or product). Credit is not required but is appreciated. 

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